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27th Jul 2022

Aston Villa’s brutal fines list for next season appears to have been leaked

Daniel Brown

Could be an expensive season for the Villa players

Steven Gerrard’s list of fines at Aston Villa appears to have been leaked on social media, with the rules demonstrating the high standards the boss expects.

The West Midlands club finished 14th in the Premier League last season, and Gerrard – who was appointed manager in November after leaving his first job at Rangers – will be keen to improve on their position this campaign.

During his time in Scotland, the Liverpool legend delivered a 55th Scottish league title and went the whole league season unbeaten.

The 42-year-old has impressed many people since taking the reins at Villa Park, and fans have seemingly been provided with an insight into his disciplined approach after the club’s fine list was leaked online.

A picture of a sheet of paper with several rules – and the subsequent price if they are not met – has been doing the rounds on social media, and it really is brutal.

Turning up late for practice is a £500 fine, while being late onto the training pitch, for a team meeting or the coach to an away game is a staggering £200 per minute.

Should a player be late for a meeting, walk or coach on a matchday, they will be it with a massive £1000 fine, while lateness for commercial appearance will set back an offending player £250.

Wearing the wrong attire is set to cost £200 and there’s also a £100 fine per item left hanging around – whether it’s training kit or dishes in the canteen.

Additionally, if ‘snus’ – a smokeless tobacco product – if left around the training ground and/or stadium, player’s will have to pay a £200 fine.

If a player forgets cakes on his birthday, he will be fined £50 a day, while there is also a £100 fine for wearing flip flops in the shower and the same charge if a player forgets the GPS device used for tracking running stats in training.

Being booked for dissent is an additional £200 fine and the last punishment, which is likely to be a unique one, is that “the worst player in small sided games” has to wear a jumper to let everyone know they were below par.