Every medal Team GB has won in Tokyo so far 1 month ago

Every medal Team GB has won in Tokyo so far

We are currently 4th on the tables

Beth Shriever has acquired a gold medal in the Tokyo 2020 BMX event, with Kye Whyte similarly winning himself silver. Beth's win makes it the sixth gold medal for Team GB, and Whyte's addition bringing the silver medal total to eight, at the time of writing.


"I tried my hardest out there today and to be rewarded with a gold medal is honestly mind-blowing. I kept my cool today, kept it simple, and it worked. I'm over the moon. I've done my family and my boyfriend back home proud.

"I don't think it's registering right now what's just happened," Beth said.

We are currently sitting at 6th on the Tokyo tables, behind Australia, ROC, USA, Japan, and China coming in at the top spot.


  • Beth Shriever- BMX
  • Tom Dean, James Guy, Matthew Richards and Duncan Scott- Men's 200m freestyle
  • Tom Dean- Men's 200m freestyle
  • Tom Pidcock- men's cross-country mountain bike
  • Tom Daley and Matty Lee- men's synchronised 10m platform dive
  • Adam Peaty-men's 100m breaststroke.
  • Galal Yafai - flyweight boxing


  • Kye Whyte- BMX
  • Duncan Scott- men's 200m individual medley
  • Mallory Franklin- women's single slalom
  • Harry Leask, Angus Groom, Tom Barras and Jack Beaumont- Men's quadruple sculls
  • Duncan Scott- men's 200m freestyle
  • Georgia Taylor-Brown- women's triathlon
  • Alex Yee- Men's Triathlon
  • Lauren Williams- women's taekwondo
  • Bradley Sinden- men's taekwondo


  • Bryony Page- trampolining
  • Luke Greenbank- men's 200m backstroke
  • Josh Bugajski, Jacob Dawson, Tom George, Mohamed Sbihi, Charles Elwes, Oliver Wynne-Griffith, James Rudkin and Tom Ford-men's eight
  • Matt Coward-Holley- men's trap shooting
  • Charlotte Dujardin- individual dressage
  • Alice Kinsella, Amelie Morgan, Jennifer and Jessica Gadirova- women's gymnastics team
  • Bianca Walkden- women's taekwondo
  • Chelsie Giles- women's judo
  • Tom Daley - 10m platform diving

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