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24th Aug 2015

26-year-old lightweight wins first UFC fight, retires immediately after


Frankie Perez is going out at the top… for now.

The 26-year-old lightweight [10-2 career, 1-1 UFC] recorded the knock-out of the night at UFC Saskatoon then delivered another blow – his immediate retirement from the sport.

Perez defeated Sam Stout with a crunching cross before finishing him on the mat with some punishing follow-ups.

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The emphatic manner of the victory would have ensured Perez a higher profile bout, next time out, but he opted to put his future in his own hands.

He opted to step away from the UFC, citing his family as the main reason, and declared he was “sick” of the MMA grind.

Perez and his father run DJ and clothing companies so, he told reporters, he was not in the UFC for a pay-cheque.

Michael Bisping, on Fox Sports commentary duty for the fight Night event, openly questioned Perez’ decision and claimed he lacked “cojones”. The Englishman said Perez should move out of the way to ‘let the real men do it’.

Perez didn’t seem too bothered, saying “Bisping’s a clown, so it ain’t no big deal; words don’t get to me.

“You know what it is? I’m just choosing my family over this sport. I love this sport and love everything about it. But it was just time. That’s it. I’m still going to be around, cornering guys. That’s it.”