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26th Mar 2015

11 GIFs that show why every UK MMA fan should be excited to see Tom Breese in the UFC

Fearless is ready for the big league...


Britain’s latest UFC recruit earned his spot on the largest stage in MMA, and now it’s time for him to show he belongs.

While Cage Warriors champion Nicolas Dalby was undoubtedly the marquee signing for the UFC this week, Birmingham fighter Breese is also an exciting acquisition.

The undefeated welterweight (7-0) has been on the rampage on the regional circuit en route to the UFC. At just 23, he appears to have all the tools to be a mainstay.


While Breese is known for his grappling prowess, his striking game is also formidable. He utilises his stand-up game to set up take-downs but he also wields enough power to cause real pain.

Tom Breese body kick

Breese can pull out heavy combinations to pressure his opponents and if the opportunity arises, he’ll pounce and move in for the kill.

Tom Breese combo

Check out how a 20-year-old Breese easily dispatched experienced fighter Mark Tucker with a monstrous knee. This marks the only KO on his professional record…so far.

Tom Breese TKO


This is Breese’s bread and butter. While he doesn’t have the wrestling acumen that some of the American fighters possess, he’s part of the new generation of UFC athletes that are elite at MMA-tailored wrestling. It’s his go-to weapon to control opponents and bring fights down to the mat, which is where he really shines.

Tom Breese takedown

Ground Game

On the ground, Breese is a beast. With six of his seven wins coming by way of submission, he has rightfully earned the tag of being a specialist in this regard. Just watch as he artfully uses his leg to trap Thibaud Larchet’s arm in his Cage Warrior’s debut to set up the choke.

Tom Breese traps arm

After doing all the hard work, Breese swiftly locked in the rear-naked choke and it was game over.

Tom Breese RNC

He’s been attempting intricate submissions and transitions since day one. Check out this bold gogoplata attempt against Shahid Hussain in his pro debut at BAMMA 4.

Tom Breese omoplata

Unlike some fighters who have been known to “lay and pray”, Breese is always on the hunt for the finish on the ground. “Fearless” never eases up or gives his opponent a break.

This was very noticeable in the Hussein fight. His unrelenting work on the mat saw him eventually take Hussain’s back in the second round.

Tom Breese RNC 5

And, like he does nine times out of 10, he didn’t waste the opportunity.

Tom Breese Hussein


The one trait shared by every great MMA fighter is toughness. If you don’t have it, more often than not, you don’t last too long.

Breese has tons of heart. When Jack Magee got him on his back and piled on the pressure at BAMMA 10, a lesser fighter might have given up. Magee rained down with heavy ground and pound and almost locked in an RNC at one stage, but Breese was resilient.

Tom Breese eating G&P

He remained patient and when Magee showed him a hint of an opening, he capitalised. He turned the tide and submitted Magee via triangle choke after taking a beating for three minutes.

Tom breese turn tide

His UFC debut can’t come soon enough, if you ask JOE.