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04th Nov 2021

Woman whose legs go numb when on the toilet told by doctors her bum is ‘clinically too flat’

Kieran Galpin


She has no big butt and she cannot lie

A TikTok user has learnt some hard truths having recently discovered the reason why her legs tend to go numb after she’s been sat on the toilet for too long.

Was it illness? Some rare condition? Nope. Turns out her bum is just “clinically too flat”.

TikTok user @princessoftheye shared the video and shed light on an issue a lot of people struggle with. Surprisingly, the comments were filled with affirmations of “me too” and “I thought it was just me”.

@princessoftheye #greenscreen anyone got a good booty exercise…. Or money??? #butt #helpmeplease ♬ Nights Like This (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) – Kehlani

This truly heartbreaking TikTok was posted in late September and has since obtained 1.3m likes, 13k comments and an impressive 7m views.

The first caption reads: “Went to the ER today because my legs keep going numb when I sat on the toilet.

“Was there for three hours, 2 blood tests, and 1 chest x-ray later.

“Turns out that my ass is so clinically flat that the bowl cuts off my circulation.

“I am fine, but my pride isn’t.”

With God knows how many songs about big booty girls and twerking, it comes as no surprise that the TikTok user’s pride is a little wounded.

Technically called Gluteal Amnesia – or Dead-Syndrome – the condition does not just occur when on the toilet but anytime you are sitting down.

Healthline says: “As you might expect from its common name, the condition results from the gluteal muscles essentially ‘forgetting’ their main purpose: supporting the pelvis and keeping your body in proper alignment.

“Moving more and sitting less can help prevent or treat dead butt syndrome, but you need to be aware that this odd-sounding condition can lead to other problems if not taken seriously.”

The poster concluded by saying: “this happens to me too if it makes you feel any better”

While supportive messages on TikTok are plentiful, we Brits are taking the opportunity to criticise the American healthcare system.

“You went to the ER because your leg fell asleep?” asked one person.

“Why the hell did they let you in,” wrote another.

Regardless of the state of the American Healthcare system, TikTok has rallied around the girl.

It’s only fair that you tag your flat-assed friends to shed light on this important issue.

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