Model claims her Instagram account keeps getting deleted because she's 'too pretty' 6 months ago

Model claims her Instagram account keeps getting deleted because she's 'too pretty'

We have that same problem too, to be fair

A model in Slovakia is convinced that her Instagram account keeps getting deleted because she's just 'too pretty' and viewers aren't convinced she's a real person.


25-year-old Veronika Rajek, who is based in Vienna and a 2016 Miss Slovakia pageant finalist, has suggested that having her social media account deactivated purely because of her looks is a form of discrimination.

Despite these claims, her Instagram account - which boasts a whopping 1.1m followers - does seem to be alive and well, at the time of writing at least. That said, Rajek claims her account has been taken down a number of times in the past because some users believe she's a catfish - aka a person pretending to be someone they're not.

Speaking to Jam Press via New York Post, Rajek explained that people "think I'm an AI robot or a catfish online," adding "I call myself an alien... people don't even believe I exist."


As if that wasn't bad enough, the popular Insta-model also revealed that she struggles making friends in real life because her beauty is often too intimidating and puts people off from approaching her.

Despite these issues, Rajek asserts that she is in fact real and only uses minimal edits on the pictures she posts on to her Instagram account.

"I don't think I'm perfect... but people are scared of me and don't want to talk to me. I have it worse as people make it harder for me because I'm beautiful.

"I don't make any adjustments, shaping or filters.


She added: "I use a skin smoothing tool but I think that's normal."

Rajek also denies claims that she has had cosmetic surgery and went on to reveal that she sometimes gets nasty comments from users who often accuse her of wanting to steal their boyfriends.

"People question the naturality of my breasts so I went to a doctor... to prove that they're real, with no enhancements, objects or scars," she explained. "My doctor was really surprised as she thought I'd had surgery too and said I had the most beautiful natural breasts.

"Only women can hurt other women so strongly."


Despite these hurdles, the Instagram star remains upbeat and even offered up some tips on how others can share her unshakable outlook on life, saying: "If you feel beautiful the way you are, then you are beautiful."

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