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02nd Nov 2023

Europe’s ‘cheapest city for beer’ where pints cost five times less than UK average

Charlie Herbert

Europe's 'cheapest city for beer' where pints cost five times less than UK average

It’s not far away either

The price of everything is sky high and the UK is being battered by stormy weather. So how does a holiday destination with incredibly cheap beer sound?

Well, it turns out ‘cheapest city for beer’ in Europe is less than a three hour flight from here.

Located in the east of Hungary, Debrecen is the capital of the country’s Northern Great Plain region and is said to be home to the cheapest pint in Europe.

According to, a pint of beer in Debrecen will set you back just 82p on average.

And you can get even lower prices depending on your tipple, with a pint of Soproni lager costing only 79p.

Meanwhile, here in the UK the average price for a pint from a pub is now well above £4. According to data from the Office for National Statistics, the average price of a pint of draught lager is £4.62.

Some quick maths will let you know that a pint in the UK is therefore more than five times more expensive than a pint in Debrecen.

Debrecen is the second largest city in Hungary (Getty)

You can get there for a budget price as well if you pick the right flights. On Skyscanner, you can nab a return flight to Debrecen from Luton in January for as little as £26.

A Wizz Air flight will get you there in 2 hours 40 minutes, which isn’t much longer than getting from London to Manchester by train nowadays.

Be warned though – it’s unlikely to be warmer in Debrecen, so pack some winter clothes.

The city has plenty of history and culture to offer along with cheap prices as well. The former capital of Hungary, it’s the country’s second-largest city and is also one of its most historic.

Some of its sights include the golden Calvinist Great Church, the historic Aranybika hotel and Debrecen’s central square, along with its thermal baths and plenty of museums.

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