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15th Apr 2024

Brits to ‘boycott Spain’ over controversial new £97 rule

Charlie Herbert

brits boycott spain over £97 rule

‘The country should stand together and boycott Spain’

British holidaymakers have been left fuming by a new £97 daily rule introduced in Spain, with many threatening to boycott the country as a result.

The new rule means tourists travelling to the European country have to prove they have enough cash in hand for each day they’re visiting.

Those visiting the mainland, the Canary Islands or the Balearic Islands will have to have £97 in disposable cash on them for each day.

Millions of Brits travel to Spain and the islands on holiday every year, and many have voiced their anger about the cash rule, Birmingham Live reports.

Writing on social media, some suggested that British tourists should “boycott Spain” in protest.

One person said: “If the country would stand together and boycott Spain in favour of other Mediterranean countries, within three months they would be begging us to come back.

“17 million visitors is a lot of money to the Spanish economy.”

A second person wrote: “Stop going they’ll soon stop it. Simple. There’s bags of other places, Greece, Turkey, Malta, Italy you name it.”

A third commented: “Another Mediterranean country tried to move away from tourism. They forgot how much tourism contributed to the economy.”

Others suggested Spain’s £97 rule showed the nation is “desperate for our cash” and a “poor country.”

Spain is the 15th largest economy in the world, just behind Mexico, South Korea and Australia.

This isn’t the first controversial rule Spain has introduced for holidaymakers, with Brits also being warned about potentially being fined for wearing bikinis or going topless in one major Spanish location.

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