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31st Oct 2023

Brits flock to party resort with 80p pints and £9 hotel rooms

Charlie Herbert

Brits flock to party resort with 80p pints and hotel rooms cost £9

It’s probably not a family destination though

As winter looms into view, you may be looking for a last-minute getaway to soak up some sunshine away from the dark nights and chilly mornings.

And if you can do it on the cheap, then even better.

So allow us to introduce you to Sunny Beach.

Away from the usual destinations in countries such as Spain or Greece, Sunny Beach is a party town in Bulgaria.

Sunny Beach is a Bulgarian coastal town (Getty)

The town was created in 1958 as a way to try and encourage families to visit the seaside, but has since become the biggest tourist draw in the country.

Nowadays, Brits flock to the resort for cheap drinks, cheap accomodation and sun.

And when we say it’s a party destination, believe us. This is probably not the holiday for you if you’re looking for a low-key break or a family holiday.

Binge drinking and rowdy behaviour are commonplace, to the extent that there’s even a Channel 4 series called Emergency on Sunny Beach, which follows the shenanigans of British holidaymakers in the town.

It wouldn’t cost much to have a big night out here though, with pints costing as little as 80p.

Accomodation won’t burn a hole in your wallet either, as it’s not difficult to find hotels costing just £10 a night, the Daily Star reports.

Meanwhile, the average temperature at Sunny Beach is around 26C, so you can get your fill of sun as well.

Speaking on the show, one holidaymaker explained they only came to Sunny Beach to “get f***ed up.”

Her mate described the resorts as “Blackpool but abroad.”

Local police woman Desislava Goranova said: “At night the central part of the resort goes through a change, the clubs open, it’s full of people with loose morals, a lot of drugs and booze.

Whilst destinations such as Magaluf and Lanzarote start to bring in rules to deal with ‘nuisance tourism’ and the influx of party-seekers in the summer months, there are no such plans at Sunny Beach.

However, the resort does take precautions. Every year, Sunny Beach brings in an extra 40 police officers and 130 lifeguards to help with security.

So if you’re after a holiday where the main activities are drinking and sleeping, this could be the place for you.

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