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27th Aug 2018

The JOE Monday Football Quiz: Week 2

Wayne Farry

JOE Monday Football Quiz

Alright, the JOE Monday Football Quiz is really getting into the swing of things

We are trying out something new here at JOE. Given the phenomenal, earth-shattering success of the JOE Friday Pub Quiz, we have decided to launch a similar quiz based around the semi-popular sport of association football.

Rather than being published on a Friday, this quiz is published on a Monday, and is called the JOE Monday Football Quiz. Keep up.

Last week’s offering was difficult. We received angry calls and screenshots of poor scores to prove this. Some people, however, did get full marks. This wasn’t supposed to happen.

Quizzes are not created to make people feel good about their level of knowledge. They are created to infuriate, to provoke competition and, eventually, to bring about the end of the world.

In that spirit, here is week two. It follows the same format as week one: round one is based on the weekend’s football, round two is a particularly tricky set of questions in which you must guess footballers’ identities based on three of their past teammates, while round three is what one may describe as general knowledge.