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20th Mar 2020

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 183

How did you manage your first week working from home? Have you developed an addiction to toast yet? Do you need a break? Take the quiz

Reuben Pinder

In the words of Troy Bolton, We’re all in this together

From what I’ve gathered from scrolling through social media during this unprecedented time, there are four different types of people during a pandemic. They are as follows: the people who worked at home anyway, and have no time for your ‘day 3 of quarantine’ posts of you seeing how many Pringles you can fit in your mouth; there are the Extremely Online people who have tried to see the upside to being stuck indoors – bigger reach for their tepid jokes; then there are the infuriatingly irresponsible people who are still going to the pub because “we” “survived” the Blitz. Fuck off. Get indoors. And finally, on a more serious note, there are the people who are suffering quite badly from anxiety and worry.

It’s very important to check up on your mates and your loved ones at times like this, especially if they’re self-isolating and live alone. Jump on Skype and pour out a can. Watch a film together through the magic of the internet.

And while we’re at it, stop, and I cannot emphasise this enough, stockpiling. I guess what I’m trying to say is, if we all act responsibly, look out for one another and do what we can to help each other given the circumstances, and the government fulfil their responsibility of looking after its people by rolling out relief funds for business and citizens, we can limit the damage of this pandemic.

One last thing, then you can do the quiz. This week, there are two pub quizzes: this one that you know and love, and a more interactive one, being live-streamed from our Facebook page at 8pm. There will be a page on site for you to play along. Keep your eyes peeled.

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