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28th Feb 2020

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 180

Reuben Pinder

Write the quiz, publish the quiz, post the quiz, God life’s relentless

There’s very little to be optimistic about at the moment. The coronavirus is spreading like wildfire. Our summer of sport could be ruined as a result. The weather shows no signs of improving just yet. A no-deal Brexit looks increasingly likely. And Liverpool still haven’t lost a Premier League game.

Still, there’s always the Pub Quiz. When we’re all indefinitely quarantined this summer, rest assured that there will be an entire back catalogue of JOE Friday Pub Quizzes to trawl through to pass the time. Just endless quizzing. Only stopping to go to the toilet, where you will do more quizzing on your phone. Quizzes.

Speaking of which, there’s another weekly quiz on our website now. If the sport round is your favourite part of the Pub Quiz and you want 25 questions all about football, step this way.

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