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24th Jan 2020


In the 175th edition of the JOE Pub Quiz, we test your knowledge of: weather, sport, food, fictional pubs and of course, general knowledge.

Reuben Pinder

Sponsored by Flood Action Week

The weather, am I right?

The weather is both simultaneously the dullest thing on earth, and everyone’s go-to small talk topic.

You can’t ignore the weather, it’s there all the time. It’s there, making us too hot and too cold and too wet and too dehydrated, to increasingly alarming degrees (no pun intended). But now, the weather is more than just the topic of discussion as you weave your way around the office kitchen, but the subject of a worldwide crisis. Climate change is real, and it’s not going to be any better unless we collectively become aware of the issue and work together to fix it. The clock is ticking. On these shores, the most prominent weather threat is flooding.

5.2 million homes in England are at risk of flooding every year. This week is Flood Action Week, a government initiative which encourages people to know the simple actions to take in a flood – like moving valuables upstairs. After you’ve taken this week’s pub quiz, have a quick browse of this guide on what to do in the case of a flood.

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For all the information you need on Flood Action Week, click here.