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18th Apr 2019

QUIZ: How well do you remember The Inbetweeners?

Only true fans will get full marks here

Ciara Knight

Best of luck, BUMDER

It’s been nine years since The Inbetweeners filled our lives with joy, humour and purpose.

But as the saying goes, we mustn’t cry because it’s over, we must smile because it happened, then binge all 18 glorious episodes again because they are timeless classics.

As expected, we’ve all moved on from the show. We’ve found other things to watch, taken up hobbies such as drinking to numb the pain left behind by The Inbetweeners-shaped void in our hearts, even tried exercising. Whatever paths our tragic little lives end up taking, we will never forget the memories of happier times.

Test your knowledge of the show and see how well you’ve retained useless information with this fun* quiz.

*results may vary