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29th May 2018

QUIZ: Can you guess the biscuits we’ve zoomed in on?

In honour of National Biscuit Day, you should be getting 10/10

Ciara Knight

Happy #NationalBiscuitDay to you and yours!

It seems to come around earlier each year. The shops have only just sold off the end of last year’s supply of National Biscuit Day biscuits and now they’re back again with a new crop. People often complain that the National Biscuit Day decorations go up way too early each year, but seeing sugar, butter and other baking ingredients just shouldn’t perturb us. They’re important seasonal items.

Personally, my National Biscuit Day is all about family. Right after I finish my shift this evening, I’ll head to my parents’ house and we’ll open our presents together, then enjoy a delicious meal consisting solely of biscuits. After, we’ll sing some National Biscuit Day songs around the fire and then settle down for the night.

Anyway, here’s a quiz. See if you can guess the zoomed-in biscuit.