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09th Jun 2017

Theresa May to visit Buckingham Palace with a view to forming new government

Paul Moore

She’s expected to remain as Prime Minister.

Theresa May will visit Buckingham Palace to seek permission from the Queen to form a new government, a Downing Street spokesperson has said.

The BBC have also reported that despite the results of the general election, the Prime Minister has no intention of resigning.

Laura Kuenssberg , political editor of the BBC, has said that May will travel to Buckingham Palace “with the understanding she can form a government”.

As outlined previously, the hung parliament now means that if May cannot form a government, when Parliament meets again on June 13, Corbyn, as the leader of the second biggest party, will have the chance to form a government.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell told the BBC that Labour is “ready to form a government….we are willing to serve the country. I don’t think the Conservative Government is stable, I don’t think the Prime Minister is stable. I don’t want to be derogatory, but I think she is a lame duck now.”

Elsewhere, Jeremy Corbyn has said to Sky News that : “We are ready to do everything we can to put our programme into operation. Parliament must meet and Parliament will have to take a decision on what happens, when a government puts forward the Queen’s Speech, we will put forward our point of view, we are of course ready to serve.”