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05th Oct 2022

Robot to speak in House of Lords debate for the first time ever

Jack Peat

Ai-Da will question whether creativity is under attack from the rise of AI 

The world’s first ultra-realistic robot artist is set to make history as the first robot to speak at the House of Lords as she questions whether creativity is under attack from the rise of Artificial Intelligence and technology.

Ai-Da will give a fresh perspective on the role of technology in creating art in the future, how AI art differs to what human artists produce, and the limits of technology in creating art.

It will argue that while machine creativity presents a great opporunity for us to explore new ideas and ways of thinking, “there are also risks associated with this technology which we need to consider carefully”.

“We need to think of benefits and limitations, and consider ethical implications.”

Director of the Ai-Da Robot project, Aidan Meller comments: “Creativity is changing. Ai-Da challenges what it means to be an artist in a post-human world.

“Her abilities as an artist brings into question the foundations of the art world and the creative industries. Ai-Da’s maidan speech at the House of Lords will help us to understand how an AI robot sees the world and what that means for the future of creativity.”

Ai-Da Robot will give evidence at the House of Lords as part of an ongoing inquiry into the future of the creative industries.

At 3.30pm on Tuesday 11th October Ai-Da Robot will address members of the House of Lords Communications and Digital Committee including Baroness Gail Rebuck, Chair of Penguin Random House, and Lord Edward Vaizey, former MP and Culture Minister under David Cameron.

AI-Da Robot’s maidan speech at the House of Lords will explore the role of machine learning, machine creativity and Artificial Intelligence within the UK’s creative industries. As fears rise around the globe about the ability of Artificial Intelligence to replace humans, with a third of scientists working in the field of AI fearing a catastrophe caused by AI robots, Ai-Da will explore the future of creativity in a “post-human world.”

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