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22nd May 2019

Nigel Farage ‘trapped in Brexit bus’ after arrival of group with milkshakes

James Dawson

The former UKIP leader’s bus has been targeted

Nigel Farage has reportedly been trapped in his Brexit Party campaign bus after a group holding milkshakes showed up at a campaign event.

It is believed that the bus is currently surrounded by the group in Kent where the Brexit Party leader was out campaigning, with Farage currently unable to leave for fear of being doused.

The 55-year-old politician refused to leave the vehicle when three young people dressed in black raising suspicions when they joined a crowd of pro-Brexit supporters, Kent Live reports.

The bus driver, Michael Botton, told Kent Live: “There are a couple of guys standing over there with milkshakes, they were going to throw them over him.

“But the police are there, we’ve spotted them and now Nigel isn’t getting off the bus.”

The local paper’s reporter at the scene, Will Rider, added: “Eventually he did come off but he only stepped about a metre away and chatted to some supporters.

“He got back on the bus very quickly.

“In all the other places he stopped off and walked down the high street.”

It comes after Farage became the latest right-wing political figure to have a milkshake thrown at him in the run-up to the European Elections in Newcastle on Tuesday.

Following Tuesday’s incident, Farage tweeted: “Sadly some remainers have become radicalised, to the extent that normal campaigning is becoming impossible.”

He added: “For a civilised democracy to work you need the losers consent, politicians not accepting the referendum result have led us to this.”

Far-right political candidates Tommy Robinson and Carl Benjamin have previously been targeted with milkshakes during the European election campaign.