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18th Jan 2022

Line of Duty stars reprise roles to slam Boris Johnson in brutal AC-12 interview

Kieran Galpin


If only the real police were, you know, policing

In a spoof video that has since gone viral, various Line of Duty stars reprise their roles to ridicule Boris Johnson and his comments about ‘Partygate’.

Amid the constant news of new ‘Partygate’ details and potential covid rule breaking, the “art, activism and accountability” platform Led By Donkeys put together a hilarious and yet, concerningly accurate recreation of Line of Duty.

Captioned, “If you’ve got one shred of compassion for all those families who sacrificed so much, who lost so much, you’ll go”, the video opens on interview room R07/09. Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure), Ted Hastings (Adrian Dubar) and Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) all sit across from the hardest criminal they have ever met – the PM.

They open up as if conducting a real criminal interview, posing the evidence to Johnson, edited into the shot. The first piece of evidence given is the email from Johnson’s private secretary Martin Reynolds.

Johnson replies with the standard response, that being wait until Sue Gray’s investigation concludes.

Throughout the four-minute clip, Johnson’s words are contrasted against clips from the height of the pandemic. Then comes images from said parties, most notably the garden party and the Christmas quiz Johnson himself hosted.

While the spoof is relatively simple in design, it effortlessly details the hearts and minds of the British public. Though so-called opposing forces like Sir Keir Starmer dodge around hard questions, the spoof calls it what it is: corruption.

People have been reacting to the clip online and it has since seen thousands of retweets, likes and comments.

One fan wrote: “This is fucking sensational work. Share far and wide folks.”

Another said: “On point as always! Brilliantly done.”

Line of Duty‘s writer Jed Mercurio even shared the video while also commenting on the “Brilliant work”.

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