Hugh Grant calls Tories 'insecure nut jobs' over plans to scrap BBC licence fee 4 months ago

Hugh Grant calls Tories 'insecure nut jobs' over plans to scrap BBC licence fee

He's one of many stars who have rallied behind the BBC

Hugh Grant has labelled the government as "insecure, spittle-flecked nut jobs" over their plans to scrap the license fee in 2027.


On Sunday, it was reported that the Tories were planning to freeze the license fee at £159 until 2024, before introducing a new Royal Charter in 2027 that would allow them to scrap it altogether.

These plans are reportedly part of 'operation red meat', designed to distract dissenting Tory backbenchers from the controversies surrounding Downing Street lockdown parties that are plaguing Prime Minister Boris Johnson's government.

However a number of stars from across the world of television, radio and entertainment have voiced their fury at the suggestion of scrapping the license fee.


Four Weddings and a Funeral star Grant has become the latest to defend the Beeb - and pulled no punches as he launched a scathing attack on the conservatives.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote: "The BBC is something the whole world admires with envy. It is entirely appropriate that the insecure, spittle-flecked nut jobs of this government want to destroy it."


Even before the planned abolition of the license fee in 2027, a freeze in funding would see the broadcaster have to make an estimated £2bn in savings.

This would likely result in further job losses in news and local services and would certainly mean they would be unable to produce high budget shows such as Line of Duty.

Confirming the government's plans, Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries said that the days of "the elderly being threatened with prison sentences and bailiffs knocking on doors, are over."

If the licence fee went up in line with inflation, now 5.1 per cent, the cost would be £167. After two years at the same rate, it would have hit £175.


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