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24th Jun 2017

Jeremy Corbyn will be making two appearances at Glastonbury within 30 minutes

More Jez for your money

Rich Cooper

Glastonbury is no stranger to a good chant, but revellers will be walking away with “Oh, Jeremy Corbyn” stuck in their head for days.

The festival, with a long history of left-wing politics, announced that Corbyn would be speaking on the Saturday at 4pm, taking to the Pyramid stage to introduce U.S. hip-hop duo Run The Jewels, who has have their fair share of things to say about politics.

However, festival organisers sneakily added an extra slot for the Labour leader, just half an hour after he appears on the Pyramid stage.

Corbyn will leg it over to the Leftfield, a politically-oriented stage hosted by Billy Bragg, to address the crowds at 4:30pm.

There’s a fair old distance between the Pyramid and Leftfield stages, so if you want a double-dose of Corbyn, you’ll have to be quick about it. But then you’d miss Run The Jewels, and that would be a very silly thing to do indeed.

If you’re waiting to see the Kaiser Chiefs on the Other stage, they’ll be showing his speech on the big screens, so you won’t miss out either.

Radiohead headlined the Pyramid stage on Friday night. Foo Fighters will close the night on Saturday, with Ed Sheeran finishing the festival on Sunday.