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01st Sep 2022

Boris Johnson’s energy bill advice dubbed ‘visionary gibberish’

Jack Peat

Farewell tour going strong

Boris Johnson has weighed in on the cost-of-living crisis with some useful tips for those worried about spiralling energy costs.

Ofgem has announced that its price cap will rise to £3,549 from October 1st – up 80 per cent from the current figure of £1,971.

That could rise to more than £6,500 next spring, according to some estimates, leaving many people with a difficult choice over whether or not to heat their homes.

A survey by Savanta ComRes of 2,000 UK adults found 23 per cent of Brits will not turn their heating on over the colder months, with the figure rising to 27 per cent among parents with children under 18.

Parents with school age children were also found to be more likely to rack up spending on their credit card due to rising energy bills – 33 per cent compared to national average of 23 per cent.

Lib Dem Cabinet Office spokeswoman Christine Jardine said: “Families and pensioners across the country are making heart-breaking decisions because the Government has failed to save them.

“It is a national scandal that parents are having to choose between heating their homes and feeding their children. It shouldn’t be like this.”

Thankfully, outgoing PM Boris Johnson has raced in with some much-needed advice before he resigns his position, and not before time.

Speaking in Suffolk as he confirmed support for the Sizewell C nuclear power project, he said: “If you have an old kettle that takes ages to boil, it may cost you £20 to replace it. But if you get a new one you will save £10 a year every year on your electricity bill.”

So that should put your mind at rest.

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