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14th Feb 2024

Government to pay TikTokers for posting videos urging migrants not to cross Channel

Charlie Herbert

The government will pay TikTokers to make videos urging migrants not to cross the Channel in small boats.

The Home Office has expanded its advertising campaigns aimed at deterring illegal immigration into a number of new countries.

The campaign has been ran in Albania, France and Belgium for the last three years but will now be expanded into Iraq, Egypt and Vietnam.

The Times reports that there are plans to introduce the campaign in Turkey and India.

As part of the campaign, the Home Office has put together a list of Albanian influencers who they want to post videos on TikTok. The people on the list include a rapper, comedians, lifestyle bloggers, and TV personalities who have been chosen for their ability to appeal to young men.

The government will have a budget of around £30,000 to pay the influencers, but this will be capped at £5,000 per person.

Meanwhile, a total of £576,500 has been assigned for influencers in Egypt, Vietnam, Turkey, Iraq and India.

A spokesperson for the Home Office said: “People smugglers frequently use social media to peddle lies and promote their criminal activities, and it is vital that we utilise the same platforms to inform migrants about the truths about crossing the Channel and coming to the UK illegally.

“The relentless action we have taken reduced crossings by 36 per cent last year, which saw similar weather conditions to 2022.

“We make no apologies for using every means necessary to stop the boats and save lives.”

The Home Office says almost 116,000 people have entered the UK via small boats across the Channel since 2018.

More than 1,600 migrants have made the journey this year.

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