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02nd Jul 2017

5 times other US Presidents used WWE memes to vent their feelings

Presidential behaviour?

Wil Jones

Donald Trump had possibly his strangest and most worrying Twitter moment yet when he posted a crudely-made fan video of him ‘beating up’ CNN in WWE.

The low-res monstrosity was a clip from his appearance at Wrestlemania 23, of him clotheslining Vince McMahon – only with Vince’s head covered by the logo of CNN – the cable news channel that Trump has been ranting about recently.

Many commentators have said this is a wildly inappropriate thing for the President of United States to be doing – sharing badly made videos, pickering with the press, and seemingly threatening to beat up his opponents. But surely they are forgetting all the other times US Presidents used WWE memes to speak to the electorate!?!?

Do they not remember these tweets from former Presidents?

Barack Obama

Bill Clinton

George W Bush

John F Kennedy

Richard Nixon