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26th Jan 2022

World’s fattest cat on mission to lose weight after trolls hit out at owners

Charlie Herbert

World's fattest cat tries to lose weight

Her owners have hit back at trolls who accuse them of overfeeding the feline

The owners of what must be the world’s fattest cat have revealed that she is on a strict diet in a mission to lose weight after many shared concerns about their pet’s size.

The cat’s owners – who have yet to be named – have been documenting their Russian domestic cat’s weight loss on Instagram, with a series of pictures and videos showing the animal’s stomach dragging along the floor when she walks.

The cat is called Liznya and joined Insta in early 2020. She now has more than 9,000 followers but like most celebs on social media has become the victim of abuse and trolling

People have commented under her posts calling her “obese” and accusing her owners of “animal abuse.”

However Liznya’s owners have insisted they do not overfeed her, explaining that she gained weight following pregnancy and has continued to put more on.

Posting to an account called @fedupcat, Liznya’s owners addressed some “misunderstandings” that some people have over their pet.

The post reads: “We have never tried to overfeed Liznya.

“Some people wrote we do it on purpose. How do you imagine that? She even refuses to eat any other food than her diet food.

“It is true that our cat was pregnant and spayed after it, but we do not claim this is the exact reason for her to become obese.

“We wrote that she began to gain weight quickly since her pregnancy and even quicker after it.”

They explained that Liznya had been to the vets multiple times and that this was her current recommended diet, hitting out at trolls who have “wished death” upon them.

The post continued: “She has been to the vet many times and has changed her diet plan more than once during this time.

“Now she seems to have stopped gaining weight with her current plan, but still there are problems with losing it.

“We can’t show her to a vet too frequently, but we will definitely do it again and again if needed.

“We do not support any kinds of abuse and it is not OK to threaten the owners.

“And we also can’t ignore that some point out that our cat was slimmer in 2020.

“It is true, but she did not gain much weight since then, look at other old pictures taken from a different angle to make sure.

“And yes, Liznya can walk, she even loves to play hunting! We agree she needs to be more active to lose her weight.

“If some people still do not believe the above, well, that is your opinion, but please do not spread false information and do not wish the owners to die.

“It is a bit sad to read messages like this.”

In a series of videos posted on the account, Liznya’s owners film the cat’s meal routine in response to those who “do not believe” she is on a diet.

This shows them carefully measuring out the right amount of weight management food for her to eat.

She’s not the fattest cat ever though. That title belongs to an Australian Tabby which weighed 21kg (3st 3lbs).

Last year, another cat went viral for how big it was – but on this occasion, it wasn’t fat causing the size – it was muscle.

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