Camera catches homeless man throwing birthday party for his dog 5 months ago

Camera catches homeless man throwing birthday party for his dog

Ridiculously wholesome content alert

A homeless man in Colombia has been spotted throwing a birthday party for his pet dogs, in a beautiful example of the special bond between man and man's best friend.


The party took place in the evening at a park in Bucaramanga, Colombia, and was captured by a curious park-goer, who spotted the sweet scene playing out on some steps nearby.

There, Choco and his dogs, Shaggy and Nena, were sat together.

But it turns out it was quite a special day for the trio, as Choco gets out a birthday cake, lights two candles, and starts to sing.


It was Shaggy's birthday, so Choco was throwing him a birthday party. It looks like Choco gets emotional as well, appearing to wipe a couple of tears away after he's cut up a slice of cake for Shaggy and Nena.

The heartwarming scene has since been shared on Facebook, being viewed more than 16,000 times.

And just in case this scene wasn't touching enough as it is, it even has some classic Pixar music gently playing over the top as well.


Quite early in the year to be getting hay fever isn't it. Maybe it's just a speck of dust in my eye...

After ending the video, the person filming approached Choco to learn his name and story, and to offer help to him and his dogs, The Dodo reports.

And so did many others.

It turns out that he has spent years living on the streets after escaping an abusive home, caring for Shaggy and Nena the entire time.


A number of strangers have stepped forward to help Choco and his canine companions, donating food and supplies to him.

The park that he frequents has become a gathering spot for animal lovers, who ask for Choco to pose with their pets.

Hopefully the kindness of strangers can help Choco, Shaggy and Nena get back on their feet.

It looks like they already have something money can't buy though.


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