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14th Apr 2015

Video: Cheeky chimp downs a drone by whacking it with a big stick

Great shot, sir...

Ben Kenyon

Planet of the Apes is upon us!

Head for the hills, baton down the hatches, the monkeys are taking over.

Well, maybe.

If they are, then this footage of a monkey swatting a drone out of the sky may be the start of the revolution.

The zoo keepers were flying the camera ‘copter into the chimpanzee enclosure at the Royal Burgers’ Zoo in the Netherlands for their YouTube channel.

But one cheeky chimp was having none of it and manages to down the miniature aircraft with a large stick. I

Luckily the GoPro camera survived the ape attack and gave us this great footage…

Watch out, they’ll be coming for you clothes, your boots and your motorcycle next.