Vegans troll Salt Bae and his extortionate prices with cheeky stunt 7 months ago

Vegans troll Salt Bae and his extortionate prices with cheeky stunt

"You don't have to win Squid Game to afford this."

A vegan food company has been trolling Salt Bae and his extortionate prices by setting up a food truck outside his new London restaurant and giving out free food.


For the past few weeks, people have been dumbfounded by the prices that Salt Bae - a.k.a. Nusret Gökçe - has been charging at his London restaurant, Nusr-et. Some of the highlights include £12 for sweetcorn, £11 for a Red Bull and £850 for a gold-covered Tomahawk steak.

So vegan food company THIS have launched a cheeky stunt outside Nusr-et, by handing out free vegan rolls to hungry passers-by.

With slogans on the side such as "you don't need to win Squid Game to afford this," the truck offered "gold baecon baps" containing THIS's meat-free product. A press release said they were happy to offer out the vegan produce to "financially bruised and hungry diners left disappointed with their Salt Bae experience."


The food truck was offering 'gold baecon baps' to passers-by (credit: THIS)


THIS co-founder Andy Shovel said: "We felt sorry for all these people turning up for a nice meal and then being whacked with a massive bill. You shouldn’t haven’t to sell your kidney or left b*****k to have delicious food.


"Hopefully our baecon rolls helped a few people out and we’ve managed to show plant-based can be just as meaty."

The stunt comes days after a study found Brits are eating 17% less red meat than a decade ago, so THIS could be the future.

And charging £800 for a steak is enough to make anyone go vegan if you ask me.

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