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13th Oct 2021

Squid Game is officially Netflix’s most watched series in history

Kieran Galpin


Bye-bye Bridgerton

It’s now official: Korea’s twisted ‘battle royale’ Squid Game has finally become the most-watched Netflix series in history.

A staggering 111 million accounts have binged the new water cooler series, which is far more than Netflix’s previous golden child Bridgerton which was watched by 82 million accounts.

Squid Game has become a constant sight in news headlines and amongst social circles thanks to its brilliant portrayal of the human condition and twisted takes on popular playground games. Having been released on September 17, creator Hwang Dong-hyuk has broken Netflix records, garnered an immense fanbase and turned countless others onto Korean Netflix dramas.

If you haven’t watched it yet, then don’t worry – there’s still time to jump on the bandwagon.

Essentially, South Korean citizens on the brink of financial ruin are indoctrinated into a twisted series of trials that mimic popular childhood playground games. Amongst the personal squabbles, internal battles and larger conspiracy at play is the constant threat of being murdered in your sleep or during one of the games themselves.

The show has been so popular that schools have had to warn parents not to let their kids watch it. Conyers School and Sixth Form in Yarm on Teesside took to Facebook to warn concerned parents.

“Squid Game – Online Safety Alert & Guidance for Parents,” the post began.

“The series is certified 15 and depicts sex scenes, nudity, extreme violence, self-harm, suicide, bad language.

“The advice external bodies would give would not be any different to advice we would give about any other TV or film not suitable for children.

“If they are not of the age to meet the certification, then they shouldn’t really be watching that series/film.”

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