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28th Sep 2021

Salt Bae customers disgusted at price of steak in his London restaurant

Danny Jones

Salt Bae

Have you clocked the sweetcorn!?

Salt Bae continues to be the foodie phenomenon that baffles as people are losing their minds over how ridiculously expensive the menu at his new London restaurant is – especially the steak.

The Nusr-Et Steakhouse London opened in the Park Tower Hotel, Knightsbridge and one bloke decided to share his bill on Twitter, at which point social media began to pick apart the extortionate list.

Salt Bae’s maiden UK location opened on the 23rd of September and we can only imagine how many pictures and videos of footballers we’re going to see over the next weeks and months.

Right, let’s start with the obvious: £630 for a steak!? Quite literally a cash cow. There are, of course all manner of expensive items of the bill – a £100 ‘golden burger’, £60 for two tempura, yes two; a tenner for some fries and £18 for two glasses of coke – but the thing the made us laugh the most was the ninth item. £12 for some sweetcorn!? The man is truly hustling us all.

As hilarious as the bill itself is to read, the replies underneath it are just as good. Insert ‘price of a pint in London’ joke here:

Now for a nice topical one:

A reminder of the grand total if you didn’t clock it:

I mean, we all love a bit of steak and chips every now and again, we’d just rather not have to take out a bank loan in order to do so.

Keep in mind, this isn’t the first time people have lost their sh*t over how expensive his food is and we’re certain it won’t be the last. Salt Bae is taking over — coming to the posh part near where you live soon.

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