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29th Jun 2023

UFC veteran says ‘we need to put women back in the kitchen’ during press conference

Callum Boyle


The middleweight fighter has been known for his controversial comments before

UFC middleweight competitor Sean Strickland sensationally claimed that ‘women need to be put back in the kitchen’.

Strickland will face Abus Magomedov in the UFC Fight Night as the main event and has gained a large audience for his no-filter approach to life however, it has caused some controversy.

In the UFC Vegas 76 media day Strickland said his most controversial comments yet after claiming that women don’t belong in the workforce and that they should return to the kitchen.

“We need to go back to taking women out of the workforce, and maybe that’s where we f****d up. We let women vote, no offense. Think about America prior to women voting,” he said.

“They tried to ban alcohol, I don’t even drink but I’m not trying to ban alcohol. So, what you did, man, you let these women come into the workforce, now we make less money, you got kids raising themselves on TikTok, we need to go back to like 1942, maybe 1958 after we f****d up the Germans.

“We need to put women back in the kitchen, only one man needs to be working, so as a collective man group we need to elect someone that’s gonna put women back in the kitchen, one man working, raise the wages, and build a f*****g wall.”

This isn’t the first time Strickland has made derogatory comments about women. He once claimed that women were “weak” and that he would like to murder someone in the octagon.

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