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13th Jun 2023

Two Nottingham victims were ‘students walking home from nightclub’

Steve Hopkins

They were just minutes from home when they were stabbed to death by ‘some random guy’

Two of the victims killed in Nottingham were students walking home for a night out, reports claim.

The Mirror reported that the pair are understood to have lived in the same halls of residence and had been on the way home when they were stabbed to death on Ilkeston Road, in one of three linked incidents in the city early Tuesday.

The pair are understood to have passed away on the street close to student halls in Lenton.

A friend of the male victim, told the publication: “He was a friend of mine. He was just walking home from a club like we all do. They just got unlucky.

“They were just five minutes from home and both got stabbed by some random guy.”

The friend said both students were first years at the University of Nottingham.

After declaring a “major incident” on Tuesday morning, Nottinghamshire Police revealed they attended three crime scenes they believed were linked, and that three people were dead. Another three are in hospital.

Shortly after 4am, officers were called to Ilkeston Road where two people were found dead in the street.

They were then called to Milton Street where a van had attempted to run over three people, who are now being treated in hospital. One, a man is in critical condition, while two others are believed to have suffered minor injuries.

A man was also found dead in Magdala Rd.

Nottinghamshire Police said officers were working with counter-terrorism policing colleagues to investigate the circumstances but was keeping an “open mind”.

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