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03rd Mar 2022

Trump’s ‘impenetrable’ $15bn border wall breached 3,272 times

Danny Jones

Trump's 'impenetrable' wall breached 3,272 times

Siri, define ‘impenetrable’

Remember when Donald Trump wouldn’t shut up about building a great big wall on the border between the United States and Mexico? Well, turns out not only was it stupid, it’s a pretty rubbish wall too – so much so that it’s been breached at least 3,272 times.

According to data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection acquired by The Washington Post, the disgraced former president spent upwards of $15bn building the wall during his tumultuous four-year term.

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, despite insisting Mexicans would pay for it, they didn’t – American taxpayers did.

Donald Trump's border wall

However, despite managing just 458 miles in total – only 80 of which was actually fresh wall where there previously was none (there was already 654 miles of border covered) – it would seem that those crossing into America and back did so on more than 3,200 occasions.

For added context, that’s more than double the number of days he held office (1,461). Just to ram it home even further, that means that, averaged out, at least two people crossed the border for every day he was president. Simply delicious.

To make things even more hilarious, the article goes on to explain that where there was wall, not only did many make it through by using nothing more than cheap power tools you could grab at the shops but some smugglers even covered up areas they made with tinted putty to serve as future secret passages.

At this point, it sounds like a stiff wind could have knocked Trump’s impenetrable wall over. Oh, it did? Brilliant.

Since losing to Biden – who quickly suspended the project – the 45th POTUS hasn’t done much other than whinge like a bratty teenager, claim election fraud, hold poorly attended rallies and start a new social media app which tanked on launch day.

Oh yeah, and he staged a coup at the Capitol. If his only two aims were to “Make America Great” again and build a big f*ck off wall, it’s fair to say he failed pretty miserably on both fronts.

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