Anonymous-affiliated hackers say they have shut down Russian space agency 5 months ago

Anonymous-affiliated hackers say they have shut down Russian space agency

Meanwhile, Russia denies that Anonymous successfully crippled their space agency

Anonymous has struck again, this time claiming to have shut down Russia's space agency so President Vladimir Putin "no longer has control over spy satellites."


Anonymous-affiliated group Network Battalion 65 - or 'NB65' for short - announced the news via Twitter where they claimed to show server information for Russia's space agency, Roscosmos.


NB65 later detailed how they downloaded and deleted confidential files from the agency's imaging and vehicle monitoring system.

They wrote: "The Russian Space agency sure does love their satellite imaging.

"The WS02 was deleted, credentials were rotated and the server shut down."

They added "glory to Ukraine" alongside: "We won't stop until you stop dropping bombs, killing civilians and trying to invade Ukraine."


They concluded with "Go the f**k back to Russia", which is reminiscent of the famous words spoken by Ukrainian border control troops on Snake Island.

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However Roscosmos' head honcho, Director General Dmitry Rogozin, said that Anonymous had done no such thing, branding them instead as "scammers and petty swindlers."

He tweeted:Β 'The information of these scammers and petty swindlers is not true.

"All our space activity control centers are operating normally."


But then again, would they really tell the world if they'd been taken down once again by hackers? Rogozin added that any tampering with satellites would be justification for war.

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