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26th Jul 2018

Man who destroyed Trump’s Hollywood star bailed out by man who had also previously destroyed it

That's the thing about Donald Trump Hollywood Walk of Fame star vandals, they always stick together

Kyle Picknell

There’s no I in team

You may have seen the reports that surfaced on Wednesday after Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was absolutely hacked to bits by a man with a pickaxe.

Well, the plot has since thickened with the news that another man who had previously been arrested for destroying the star, again with a pickaxe, is now set to pay the quite severe bail of the new vandal.

Austin Clay is the man who turned himself in after the latest incident, with Los Angeles Police Department immediately setting his bail at $20,000 according to jail records.

Fortunately for him, James Otis has been there, done that, and even worn the t-shirt and the handcuffs after destroying the star himself before the 2016 General Election.

According to TMZ, Otis is now going to pay the bail of his copycat out of apparent solidarity.

Weirdly enough, he is the heir to the Otis elevator company worth about $12 billion. After his own arrest, he was sentenced with three years probation, 20 days probation and a $4,400 charge for damages and attorney fees. He explained to TMZ that his actions were to help the women who had been sexually assaulted by the former The Apprentice host.

He explained: “The point of the exercise was to take the star and auction it off on Election Day, and distribute that money to the women who’d been sexually assaulted by Mr. Trump.”

Clay is scheduled to appear in court on August 15. Rumour has it literally all other stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame are currently safe from attack.