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12th Jan 2022

Today is Kiss A Ginger Day so make sure to show them some love

Charlie Herbert

International Kiss A Ginger Day

You’re telling me you didn’t know?!

Today is a day to celebrate all of the wonderful redheads out there in the world because it is, of course, International Kiss A Ginger Day.

Caused by the MC1R gene variant, red or ginger hair is the rarest hair colour in the world, with just two per cent of the global population being lucky enough to have been ‘kissed by fire’ – and today is the perfect day to show the ginger in your life some love.

According to, International Kiss a Ginger Day was created by Canadian Derek Forgie in 2009, as a response to Kick a Ginger Day, which had been created the previous year.

Forgie started a Facebook group for the day and invited eight of his red-haired friends to it. To his surprise, the group and the day soon took off.

And there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that you could do much worse than kiss a ginger. Along with looking on average two years younger than our actual age, research has also suggested that redheads are better in bed.

Research from the University of Hamburg found that women with red hair have more sex than their blonder and brunette counterparts, and also have the highest orgasm rate of all hair types, at 41 per cent. This is thanks to the MC1R gene which makes redheads more susceptible to feel hot and cold temperatures and also means us gingers have a higher pain threshold.

However if you plan on celebrating Kiss A Ginger Day then just check the redhead you’re about to plant a kiss on is okay with it first.

If you’re one of the two per cent in the world who have blessed with fiery hair, then shout it from the rooftops – it’s a day of celebration, after all!

And finally, in honour of this magnificent hair colour, here’s Angela Rayner calling out Boris Johnson.

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