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17th Nov 2015

This is Anonymous’ latest chilling message about the cyberwar with ISIS (Video)

They're coming for you...

Ben Kenyon

Anonymous mean business.

A French arm of the clandestine hacker group posted a furious message in French, waging war on ISIS following the Paris attacks.

It claimed the faceless internet vigilante collective would hunt down ISIS with cyber attacks on their networks, communications and internet accounts to cripple their online activity.

If anyone around the world was unsure of whether Anonymous were really up for the fight, or whether the French-language video was genuine, a new video statement has been released by official Anonymous HQ.

Speaking in English, the figure in the Guy Fawkes mask said in the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks: “To defend our values and freedom were are tracking down members of the terrorist group responsible.

“We will not give up, we will not forgive and we will do all that is necessary to end their actions.

“During the attacks on Charlie Hebdo we had already explained our determination to neutralise anyone who would attack our freedom. We will be doing the same now because of the recent attacks.

“Expect a total mobilisation on our part. This violence should not weaken it. it should give us the strength for us to come together and to fight tyranny and obscurantism together.”

If we were ISIS right now, we’d be sh*tting ourselves.

Clip via Anonymous Official