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10th Feb 2017

The Beast from The Chase has answered claims that the show is fixed

A LOT of people are convinced that it's rigged.

Rich Cooper

People have been accusing The Chase of being fixed for ages now.

Most recently viewers claimed that Paul Sinha (aka The Sinnerman) deliberately threw a game, allowing players with a particularly low score of 16 to walk away with £46,000.

Now Mark Labbett (aka The Beast) has spoken out, defending the show against accusations that it’s rigged.

Speaking to the Daily Express, Labbett said: “I have never thrown a question, let alone a show and would happily be strapped up to one of Jeremy Kyle’s lie detectors.”

“Social media is great for people’s immediate gut reactions but not for a more considered opinion. My guess is that people get caught up in the excitement of the final chase and it boils over.”

Judging by the number of tweets accusing The Chase of being fixed, people are having immediate gut reactions pretty regularly.

However, the show does have its defenders.

Okay, so Shaun Wallace is on The Chase, he kind of has to defend it.


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