Tesco is encouraging shoppers to pay £2.49 fee once a month to save money 2 weeks ago

Tesco is encouraging shoppers to pay £2.49 fee once a month to save money

The new scheme can also help you get priority delivery slots over Christmas and Easter

Popular supermarket chain Tesco has launched a new monthly payment scheme that aims to help customers save money and tackle the rising cost of living crisis.


With fuel prices continuing to rise and energy bill hikes imminent, people all across the UK have started feeling a pinch in their pocket as the cost of living crisis begins to take hold.

However in an attempt to alleviate this pressing issue, Tesco has launched a new tiered-payment system that'll help shoppers save some precious pennies when it comes to delivery costs.

The chain's Delivery Saver plans are available in six month or 12 month packages, with the former starting from as little as £2.49 per month.


As you can see from the image above, these new delivery options come with a range of bespoke perks - with each including same-day click and collect options - alongside minimum spends for each.

While all have an upfront fee ranging from £14.94 to £47.94 for the six month plans and £47.88 to £83.88 for the 12 month packages, the perks they provide promise to help customers save money in the long-term.

If you opt for the most basic option for £2.49 per month, you'll get same-day click and collect, the ability to pick up orders at any time and - perhaps most alluring for the majority of shoppers - priority access to collection slots during the busy Christmas and Easter periods.


This means that even on the cheapest plan of the bunch, thrifty shoppers could adopt the package now and get ahead of December's big panic-shop bustle when Christmas time starts closing in.

For £4.99 per month, Tesco's Off Peak Delivery plan gets you a similar package of perks - plus the ability to secure same-day slots for food pick up and next day delivery, according to the Manchester Evening News.

Meanwhile, for the top-tier, six month Anytime Delivery option at £7.99 per month, customers will get even more options for click and collect and home delivery - however as with all of these options, some minimum shopping spends do apply.

This is the first time Tesco have made this money saving scheme available to the public following the recent pandemic chaos - and in most cases, the low monthly costs will likely end up helping you save money on petrol used for big-shop visits.


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