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04th Mar 2022

Russia uses famous kid in bizarre new attempt to lie to its own people

Danny Jones

Russian Ministry of Education propaganda video

Putin is now using child stars to push propaganda

In an attempt to justify his war in Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin is now trying to lie to the Russian people by putting famous people and child stars in his propaganda.

The Russian Ministry of Education – or, as they refer to it, “the Ministry of Enlightenment” – produced a truly bizarre 30-minute “educational” video entitled A Lesson About World Peace that features Sofia Khomenko, a 12-year-old singer who rose to fame in the country back in 2017 after she sang about her love of Russia.

As clipped up by The Telegraph, the young girl delivers a to-camera piece alongside Denis Polunchukov (the ministry’s main presenter) as the pair attempt to tell the truth about Ukraine according to the Kremlin. There is absolutely no mention of war.

Honing in on the subject of misinformation, which has been a problem since the Russian invasion began, Polunchukov says that while people will have seen lots of distressing images from the situation in Ukraine, he insists that “these are from other conflicts – some are even from computer games”.

However, neither of the propaganda pawns reference the very real stories of numerous deaths following the capture of Kherson, the bombing of a TV tower and causing fires at nuclear plants.

He goes on to say that people must be careful about verifying things they’ve seen on social media and while this would be sensible advice for anyone, there is plenty of verified stories and footage from inside Ukraine causing concern across the globe right now.

As if the Russian Ministry of Education’s attempt to brainwash children wasn’t enough, it also being reported that news outlets such as the BBC are being blocked by the nation’s government in an attempt to censor coverage.

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