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07th Apr 2022

Pub is flooded with offers to buy Aussie pensioner pints after confronting Scott Morrison

Danny Jones

Disabled Aussie pensioner confronts Scott Morrison

The pensioner from Perth took Australia’s PM to task over a number of issues

Footage of a pensioner confronting Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison at a pub in New South Wales has gone viral, with reports of the man being met with overwhelming support and offers of free pints from fellow punters.

As captured in multiple videos posted online, the Perth-based pensioner can be seen raging at Morrison, who visited the Edgeworth Tavern in Newcastle, NSW, in the lead up to the election cycle on Wednesday, as crowds gathered to listen to the conversation.

A source told the Daily Mail Australia that patrons were eager to buy the distraught man a drink in support, stating: “We’ve been trying to track him down because we want to start a tab for him”.

The man, named only as Ray thus far, can be heard saying, “I’m sick of your bullsh*t”, as he criticised the Australian PM’s policies surrounding pensions; taxes for disabled individuals like himself, as well the lack of a federal “integrity commission”.

Tensions grow as Morrison and his team try to put the clearly furious man at ease, suggesting he sit down with one of his aides to discuss the “two very important issues” he raised.

However, clearly distressed, emotional and out of patience, the older gentleman explains how he feels the PM’s party has failed to live up to multiple promises made at the previous election – namely, helping “all those people who’ve worked all their lives… paid their taxes…” and establishing an “integrity commission”, which is still yet to get off the ground.

In a second angle, Ray can be heard saying he is essentially “paying a death tax” as he has to take out 200 dollars of his pension every week to simply survive, adding that every time he rings the relevant government office up, “[they] don’t even return the call”.

The confrontation ends with Ray warning Morrison “you better f***ing do something”, as a man in the background can be heard saying, “speak up for yourself – good on you, man, good on ya”.

It’s fair to say Morrison’s publicity tactic of visiting the pub and pouring a few pints for the locals didn’t go to plan and the rest of his visit has been overshadowed by the less than ideal reception.

During his time on the campaign trail, one woman also managed to stop the 53-year-old for a photo-op, only to prank him by going on to congratulate the Liberal Party leader on being “the worst prime minister we’ve ever had”:

Meanwhile, the leader of the opposition, Anthony Albanese, was put in an uncomfortable spot upon his arrival in Perth as well, as he swerved a “tough question” from an inquisitive local for the sake of “protocol” and the “media alliance”, despite their seemingly being no resistance from other outlets gathered for the press conference:

Australia’s upcoming federal election is due to take place on May 21, 2022, at the very latest, with each official voted in serving a three-year term.

Morrison’s popularity is said to be dwindling by the day, with opinion polls suggesting he is down an estimated seven points – crucially among the key demographics that helped him to win in the first place.

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