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15th Feb 2024

Plane forced to make U-turn after maggots rain down on passengers

Charlie Herbert

The maggots had emanated from a rotten fish

There was chaos on a flight from Amsterdam after maggots started to rain down on passengers.

The Delta Air flight from the Dutch capital to Detroit was forced to turn around just an hour into the journey after the maggots started falling from an overhead compartment.

Passengers on the plane said the back of the aircraft was swarmed by the larvae, which it turned out had come from a rotten fish.

Writing on Reddit, one passenger said they were in the row “directly in front of the maggots” with their family.

The passenger continued: “The lady right behind us told the flight attendants the maggots were falling on her head. I turned around and they were wiggling around on the seat… Absolutely gross.”

They added that one of their carry-on bags was next to the “disgusting” one, and that owner of the bag didn’t leave the plane at the end of the flight.

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Another unfortunate member of the flight, Kelsey, shared their experience on X. She said she had complained to staff about an “absolutely odd odour” on the aircraft but that they did nothing about this.

“They were all sitting around in the crew area laughing and talking when we had been on the plane for close to three hours with not even water offered,” Kelsey said.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, she said those on the flight had been given 8,000 air miles, hotel room compensation and a $30 meal ticket if they were delayed overnight.

This isn’t the first disgusting incident to happen on a Delta Air flight in recent months though.

In September last year, a plane was forced to turn around after a passenger suffered a horrific bout of diarrhoea and defecated on the aircraft floor.

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