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14th Feb 2024

People call for adult-only planes after child screams for entirety of 29-hour flight

Charlie Herbert

‘Please someone make possible kid free flights’

People have called for adult-only flights after a man shared his experience of a nightmarish 29-hour journey during which a baby cried constantly.

Henry Beasley filmed himself being sent insane by the infant’s piercing screams during the 11,000 mil trip from New Zealand to Germany.

In a video on TikTok, Beasley wrote: “Rate my 29 hour flight to Berlin.”

The baby’s cries could already be heard in the background, and Beasley joked it was a “strong start” to the flight.

The TikTok then cuts to him later on in the flight, with a miserable expression on his face as the deafening crying continues.

He wrote that the kid’s “got some lungs on him. Great projection.”

As his eye begins to twitch, the musician compared the crying to a kettle boiling.


Hey babe, how was your flight?

♬ original sound – Balu Brigada

The video then cuts to the flier at night, with the screams still going on. He wrote: “Nice long one here, 100.”

It finishes with him reviewing the baby’s crying as a “Stellar performance, incredible stamina. 10/10.”

The post clearly struck a chord with people and has racked up 2.8 million likes on the platform.

It did provoke a range of responses though.

Obviously, there were plenty of people who sympathised with Beasley, with one person commenting: “Unacceptable. Why are parents so against giving a sleep aid to kids in these situations?”

Another said: “Please someone make possible kid free flights”

Responding to this suggestion, someone joked: “I’d pay extra for the option and I HAVE a kid.”

Someone else praised Beasley for not causing a scene, writing: “Kudos to you for not shaming the parents, or complaining to the staff, but showing compassion by suffering in silence (and providing us comedic gold)!”

But not everyone was so sympathetic. One parent wrote: “Been there done that. It’s not fun for us either. I’m glad someone didn’t video listening to my kid scream though.”

A second said: “You think we enjoy our kids screaming and others around us having to listen to it? Absolutely not.”

And another simply suggested he should get noise cancelling headphones.

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