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30th Mar 2024

One of 2023’s very best movies is now on streaming

Stephen Porzio

Anatomy of a Fall, one of the very best movies of 2023, has just been added to Prime Video.

The film stars Sandra Huller (who was Oscar nominated for her role) as Sandra Voyter, an acclaimed German novelist living in an isolated mountain chalet in France with her French husband Samuel (Samuel Theis) and their visually impaired young son Daniel (Milo Machado-Graner).

One day, Daniel returns home from walking his dog to find his father dead from an apparent fall from an open attic window.

Despite Sandra insisting that the death was accidental, she is indicted by the French authorities on charges of homicide.

As the author takes to the court, her difficult marriage to Samuel comes under the microscope. Could she have really committed a murder?

The English and French language legal thriller-drama holds a 96% Rotten Tomatoes score and earned five nominations at the most recent Oscars, where it won in the Best Original Screenplay category.

Watching the movie, it’s easy to see why it garnered such acclaim. This is thanks to Huller and the rest of the cast’s incredible performances, the film’s rich characters, its highly detailed portrayal of a murder trial, its twisty plot and its moments of dark comedy.

You can read a sample of some of the film’s glowing write-ups below:

The Atlantic: “It’s a simple question, really: What if a domestic drama got crossed with a courtroom thriller? Anatomy of a Fall is the glorious answer.”

Breakfast All Day: “If you liked Gone Girl, this might be a movie that really you would dig.”

Financial Times: “[Co-writer and director Justine] Triet builds a taut did-she-do-it tension while also working in discomfiting questions about marital power dynamics and how much an artist’s work really reveals about their character.”

IndieWire: “As it calls the institution of marriage to the stand, Triet’s piercing film holds the ambient tensions and illogical loose ends of domestic life against the harsh and rational light of a legal system that searches for order in chaos.”

The Messenger: “Found guilty of being great.”

Rolling Stone: “Though some may come for the murder mystery, it’s Triet’s way of using that genre to get at deeper notions of love turning to hate, and tiny marital fissures that turn into chasms, that really makes this something close to an anti-romantic masterpiece.”

Anatomy of a Fall is streaming on Prime Video in the UK right now.

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