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16th May 2023

Officials search for mystery motorist who filled huge pothole with concrete

Charlie Herbert

Pothole in Cornwall

The road had been closed since the beginning of April – until the improvised repairs

A motorist in Cornwall decided to take matters into their own hands after losing patience with a huge pothole that had left a road closed for weeks.

Tanhouse Road in Lostwithiel had been closed since the beginning of April due to the crater, but a few days ago it was temporarily reopened after someone filled it in with concrete.

The improvised repairs were carried out by “persons unknown, without consent” according to Cornwall Highways, who have urged the local community to come forward with any information about who was responsible.

After being temporarily reopened, the road has since been closed again by the Cornwall Council’s roads repair company Cormac until proper repairs to the pothole can be carried out.

A manager with Cornwall Highways added: “If information regarding who carried out the works becomes known in the community, I would be grateful if details could be shared.”

Local councillor Colin Martin had shared an image of the concrete-filled pothole on Facebook, writing that Cormac will fix the pothole properly once they’ve caught up with their “potholes backlog.”

He criticised the company for their “unacceptable service.”

(Colin Martin/Facebook)

The councillor for Lostwithiel and Lanreath described the pothole as “a perfect metaphor for the way that the entire public sector is crumbling due to underinvestment”.

“The latest is that the road has been closed again and will remain closed until it is “properly” repaired by Cormac, but they say this could be weeks away as all available teams have been diverted to filling smaller potholes on roads which are still open,” he told Cornwall Live.

“Over the past two years, the Conservatives running Cornwall Council have cut the budget for road resurfacing and proactive maintenance. As a result of this short-sighted decision, potholes are now appearing across Cornwall faster than Cormac can fill them in.”

A spokesperson for the council said that Cormac will be able to implement ‘the permanent drainage and surfacing repairs needed’ at the site now we are ‘moving into warmer and drier weather’.

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