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31st Jan 2018

Monopoly have launched a special edition just for cheaters

Kyle Picknell

They have a few tricks up their sleeve.

Unless you are one of those strange, strange people that enjoys driving around Grand Theft Auto games consciously avoiding running people over and stopping at every red light, the likelihood is that you have tried to bend the rules now and then.

For a game like monopoly, cheating is commonplace. We’ve seen it all: stealing those beautiful $500 notes from the bank, pretending you had won that beauty contest on your chance card (you actually came in fourth, didn’t you Karen, of course you did) and even just outright chucking hotels across the room because you didn’t want to pay up after landing on Mayfair.


Image credit Hasbro


After a recent study revealed that almost 50% of Monopoly players cheat, Hasbro have taken matters into their own hands a brand new edition especially for all you cheaters out there, complete with an actual handcuff for the very worst culprits.

Some of the new changes include the ability to move other tokens instead of your own and pay back people less money than you actually owe, as well as each player now becoming the banker on their own turn.

Image credit Getty


This no doubt means that even more arguments and flipped boards and tiny-metal-hat-hitting-you-in-the-eye injuries will occur more than normal, but I still managed to think of a few new rules that I’d like to see added in the future.


  • One player MUST play the game dressed in a scuba suit


  • If you’re bankrupt, that’s it, you have to go straight to bed


  • I don’t care if it’s 4pm


  • If you roll a double 1 you have to get a takeaway in for everyone else


  • One of the tokens is now Batman


  • Mayfair is replaced with Alan Partridge’s caravan


You’ll be able to get your hands on the new board later this year, but it isn’t advisable to try and nick one from Tesco. That isn’t part of it. Please don’t do that.