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25th Sep 2022

Men claim they were refused entry to nightclub ‘because they’re Welsh’

April Curtin

Security guard are regulating the situation of safety in an event concert in a nightclub. stock photo

They’d been to watch Wrexham away before getting rejected from the club

An Essex nightclub has launched an investigation after two friends claimed they were refused entry for “being Welsh”.

Jonathan Lloyd from Wrexham was heading into MooMoo Clubrooms in Southend-on-Sea with his friend on Saturday, September 17, when they were stopped by security.

The two men had been to watch Southend United vs Wrexham for an unimpressive 0-0 result before heading to the club, which had actually been recommended by Southend fans, North Wales Live reports.

The pair said they stood in smartly dressed clothing – and no football colours – while they chatted with other clubbers in the queue. Next minute, a doorman intervened.

Mr Lloyd claims that the doorman overheard the two men talking, and asked them if they were Welsh, to which they said they were.

“The doorman then told us we weren’t allowed in,” Mr Lloyd told Metro.

While Mr Lloyd does not believe the fact him and his mate were Wrexham fans had a part to play in them getting rejected from the club, he does think it was down to his nationality.

He said: “We were standing in the queue, if he hadn’t heard our accents we would have got in, so he basically didn’t let us in because we’re Welsh. We went back later on and tried again and the same doorman said ‘Are you the Welsh boyos?'”

“There was only two of us and we’d had no trouble anywhere else,” he added.

Staff at MooMoos nightclub have since confirmed they are investigating the incident.

A spokesperson for the club told North Wales Live: “We do not condone discrimination of any form in our venue. We have raised this alleged incident with our third-party contracted door team and an investigation is underway.”

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