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30th Dec 2016

Man’s weird anniversary gift for his girlfriend is going viral

Things didn't quite go to plan.

Rebecca Keane

God loves a trier.

Coming up to Christmas, we’ve seen a whole array of presents and gifts being exchanged between parents and their children, sons and their dads and husbands and wivesbut without sounding awful there are definitely some gifts which are far better than others.

Considering that there’s plenty of pressure on couples to get each other the ‘perfect’ present at this time of year, we can understand why some people resort to thinking outside the box when they are buying gifts for their other half.

One present in particular that is going viral is an illustration that one boy did for his girlfriend, the sister to Twitter user alana banana.

Alana shared a picture on Twitter of the drawing her sister’s boyfriend did and gifted his favourite girl with, but it’s safe to say the caricatures are… A little on the wild side.

Alana tweeted “my sisters boyfriend 100% sincerely gave her this as an anniversary gift” alongside a photo of the drawing her sister’s boyfriend did…

Needless to say, people are having a good laugh about it.