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07th Nov 2023

I let my husband sleep with my bridesmaid on our wedding night – it made the day more fun

Callum Boyle

Husband Wife wedding night

‘My family say it’s disgusting’

A woman has revealed that she allowed her husband to sleep with one of her bridesmaid’s on their wedding night.

Katie, 26, married her long-term partner Dan, 25, at an intimate ceremony in Torquay back in September.

They were introduced to each other by mutual friends and after discussing what their fantasies would be throughout their relationship, decided to make it an open one.

The newly-wed couple recently appeared on Truly’s Love Don’t Judge, which sheds a light on a typically unconventional relationship which thrive “despite pressure from the outside world”.

In the latest episode, Katie explains how they invited one of their bridesmaids to join them on their wedding night as she continues to explore her bisexuality.

She said: “We ended up taking one of my girlfriends up to our bedroom. We had some drinks and ended up having a threesome with her and it was really fun.

“She’s one of my best friends so it was very comfortable.”

Dan added: “To do it on such a special day just makes it so memorable.”

While the pair find their relationship comfortable, Katie admitted that her family are not on board with their mindset and therefore her relationship with them has been affected.

“I think a lot of the judgement I received has been from my family. They disapproved of what I was doing and they don’t really speak to me anymore because of it,” she added.

The 26-year-old even went as far to say that her family have told the married couple that it is “disgusting” and claimed that Dan was the main instigator behind it.

Their relationship had fractured that much that Katie’s family refused to attend the wedding.

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