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11th Jan 2022

Man killed by police searching for twin brother

Charlie Herbert

Man killed by police searching for twin brother

An investigation into the incident is underway

The twin brother of a man accused of kidnapping his pregnant girlfriend was killed by police after he allegedly pointed a gun at cops who had turned up at his apartment in search of his sibling.

The incident took place in Louisiana over the weekend.

Baton Rouge Police said that the relatives of the pregnant woman had alerted them about the alleged kidnapping and they were looking for her partner Keaughn Willis.

However when they showed up at his apartment at around 3.30pm on Saturday, it was Keaughn’s twin brother Deaughn who answered.

Deaughn allegedly then pointed a gun at officers and was shot. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

In a statement, Louisiana State Police said: “While at the residence, Deputies encountered 25-year-old Deaughn Willis of Baton Rouge. Willis subsequently brandished a firearm at responding law enforcement.

“A Deputy then discharged his firearm striking Willis. Willis sustained fatal injuries and was pronounced deceased on the scene by the East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner’s Office.”

At around 3.45am on Sunday police arrested Keaughn Willis.

Sources told The Advocate that when officers arrived at the apartment they announced their presence and identified themselves as law enforcement. But when Deaughn answered the door, he stuck a gun through the opening and pointed the weapon at the officers.

A deputy then fired shots toward the door, hitting Deaughn.

An arrest warrant shows that the cops were looking for his twin, Keaughn, who had allegedly gotten into a fight with his girlfriend earlier that day, apparently grabbing her with both hands pulling her “inside of his vehicle.”

He refused to let her go but eventually she escaped through the car window.

When Keaughn returned to his apartment, he was arrested on allegations of third-degree rape, sexual battery, simple kidnapping and domestic abuse battery of a pregnant victim.

Louisiana State Police has said it will “continue to review all evidence and aspects of the incident to ensure a complete and thorough investigation.”

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